History of DynaMop Company of America

Spin Mop was debuted in USA in May 2009 under the name DynaMop. The trademark is formally registered with USPTO, filed on April 2009, fully approved on June 2010.

Until the inception of DynaMop in Year 2009 JJX, LLC was set up in 2006 in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world to engage in restaurant, gift shops alongside with consumer product importing businesses. Since then, the company directed its main course to the R&D of this revolutionary cleaning system. DynaMop has been focusing on the area of technology to improve performance and durability of this fine product by relentless study and research to best utilize “leverage “

From USA to the world, DynaMop Inc has been erected in 2011 in Taiwan with its engineering team to take over the Research & Development functions.

Each steps of the way since 2009, the DynaMop R&D team made progress in upgrading the spin mop product. We have come a long way from our very first generation production in terms of improvements.